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The aim of my work is to automatically process sequences of images taken from a camera viewing outdoor pedestrain scenes. The system is designed to extract the positions of the moving pedestrains in the scene and follow each person throughout the sequence. Such a system has applications in the areas of automated surveillance, animation and human motion analysis. A prototype tracking system has been implemented, running in real time (30 frames per second) on modest hardware (a 100Mhz workstation).

This work is an example of the tracking and analysis of non-rigid motion and the methods that have been developed are applicable to a range of problems in computer vision.

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Demo Material


The following image sequences were obtained by applying our "pedestrian tracking" system on image sequences from various outdoor scenes. In the first two cases the camera was fixed (i.e. stationary with fixed zoom, apperture etc) making the tracking task more straightforward. The input images are shown with the computer's interpretation of the sequences (the position and shape of each person) superimposed in colour. Each tracked pedestrian is represented by a different coloured outline.

The system is based on a 2D flexible contour model of the silhouette of a pedestrian. The model was generated automatically from training image sequences.

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