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ESWC2015 best in-use paper award

Our paper on the PADTUN (pathology assessment and diagnosis of tunnels) decision support system, developed in partnership between the University of Leeds and SNCF, France within the EU project NETTUN , received the best in-use paper at ESWC2015. Leeds develops software technologies in two NETTUN workpackages, the paper relates to one of them. We combine methods from semantic web and machine learning to develop intelligent technologies that support decision processes related to infrastructure assessment and maintenance (rail tunnels in this case). < video of the talk >

AIED2015 keynote on real world experiences and mentoring

I my talk on Open, Interactive, Social: Intelligent Mentors that Embrace Diversity of Real World Experiences at AIED205 I reflect on my research experience and advocate that we can provide intelligent mentor-like functionality by tapping into social and semantic technologies and embracing diversity of real world experiences. A forthcoming IJAIED paper puts some of these thoughts in writing.

UMAP2014 was a stimulating conference

UMAP is the premier international conference on user modelling, adaptation and personalisation. UMAP2014 took place in Aalborg, Denmark at 7-11 July, 2014. Exciting papers, keynotes, workshops, tutorials... and much more. See detail.

NETTUN successful Period 1 Review March 2014

The first periodic review of the EU project NETTUN (18 months in the project) was successful. We presented our initial work on PADTUN - a decision support system for pathology assessment and diagnosis of tunnels. This included the tunnel diagnosis ontology. This work is developed in a partnership between the University of Leeds and SNCF, France . It is an exciting opportunity and a great privilege to work with tunnel experts with so many years of experience.

Excellent ImREAL outputs demonstrated in the showcase at the final project review

On Tuesday, 26th November 2013, leading industry experts and Europe's key researchers in TEL gathered at the University of Leeds to experience an impressive technology showcase from the EU FP7 ImREAL project. Read more
See also the ImREAL project video and the First European TEL Champions on the field.

KTP project with Blueclaw started October 2013

We are starting a new project on intelligent targeted marketing with Blueclaw , funded by TSB and ESRS. The project will exploit some of the recent work on user behaviour modelling conducted at my group. The KTP associate is Dr. Dimoklis Despotakis; the project is part of the ESRC UK Retail Sector Initiative .

Conseg2013 keynote on research innovation

My talk The Bumpy Ride of Engineering Innovative Intelligent Systems to Augment Human Practice at the 7th International Conference on Software Engineering Conseg2013 presented our research innovation experience in the EU projects ImREAL and Dicode. It was a privilege to be a keynote next to the Associate Vice President at Infosys Labs, India. I was impressed how seriously India takes software engineering, not just in teaching but also in research.

Four successful PhD completions

Ilaria Corda, Ronald Denaux , Claudio Campelo , and Dimoklis Despotakis completed their PhD studies. Condratulations doctors! It has been a great pleasure to work with them!

NETTUN kickoff September 2012

The NETTUN EU project has started! The kickoff meeting took place in Lyon, France at ECL. I am involved in the workpackage developing a decision support system for tunnel maintenance. The work is conducted in collaboration with SNCF, Franceand is driven by real problems faced by tunnel maintennace experts. More detail about the NETTUN project.

STRAPP started April 2011

STRAPP: Trusted Digital Spaces through Timely Reliable and Personalised Provenance is funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board. The project is led by Rolls Royce and involves the University of Leeds and Cybula Ltd.
My contribution is work on context modelling, which will be linked with the risk assessment and information retrieval services.

The ImREAL project was included in a BBC Digital Planet Broadcast

Link to BBC podcast.

My 3' on TEL Challanges

Link to podcast.

ImREAL started on 1st October 2010

The ImREAL project has started! The kickoff meeting took place in Leeds on 4-5 October 2010. More detail.

ECTEL2010 "Systaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice"

ECTEL2010 was an exciting event! The conference took place in Barcelona, 28 September-1 October 2010. More detail.
ECTEL2010 proceedings are online.

DICODE started on 1st September 2010

The DICODE project has started! The kickoff meeting took place in Berlin on 6-7 September 2010. More detail.