A query to the corpus of parallel texts

NB: Alice is the only corpus available on the Web

A rudimentary help on the query interface is available here.


Word 1 Advanced Transln 1 Advanced Morph.features select
Distance between words from to Order exact
Word 2 Advanced Transln 2 Advanced Morph. features Select
Distance between words from to Order exact
Word 3 Advanced Transln 3 Advanced Morph. features Select


Set parameters of your query

Corpus selection

Choose from the list
Language English Russian German Japanese

Concordance display

Set the context span in words:
Show translation: no yes

How to sort the output wrt the first word in your query
Word: by lemma by wordform in original order
Context: left right

Collocation statistics

One word for collocation analysis is always the first word in your query.
The other word is: left context right context the second word in the query in span
The significance score: Mutual Information T-score Loglikelihood score