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Gold Standard for Evaluating Arabic Morphological Analyzers

Accelerating the Processing of Large Corpora: Using Grid Computing Technologies for Lemmatizing 176 Million Words Arabic Internet Corpus

Morphological Features Part-of-Speech Tag Set of Arabic
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morphochallenge2009 Qur'an Gold Standard
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Supervisor : Dr. Eric Atwell
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The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization

A questionnaire  about projects and academic research on automatic processing of Arabic text and its applications

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Automatic Part-of-Speech Tagging of Arabic Text

Arabic is the language spoken and written by more than 300 million people as first language, and more than 1 billion Muslim worldwide interested in learning Arabic. Arabic is also one of the official languages in the United Nations. In the UK particularly, there are more than 1.6 million Muslim working and living representing (2.8%) of the UK population; who are interested in Arabic language. Moreover, Universities and learning institutions have special departments for Islamic and Middle Eastern studies; where Arabic is the main teaching language. The UK has many leading international organizations that develop language resources, such as; dictionaries, lexicons, thesauruses, WordNets, machine translators and learning materials for English and a verity of foreign languages including Arabic. more>>

[1] Sawalha, Majdi; Atwell, Eric (2010). Fine-Grain Morphological Analyzer and Part-of-Speech Tagger for Arabic Text.. in: Proceedings of the Language Resource and Evaluation Conference LREC 2010, 17-23 May 2010, Valleta, Malta.

[2] Sawalha, Majdi; Atwell, Eric (2010). Constructing and Using Broad-Coverage Lexical Resource for Enhancing Morphological Analysis of Arabic. in: Proceedings of the Language Resource and Evaluation Conference LREC 2010, 17-23 May 2010, Valleta, Malta. more>>

Coling 2008 poster, Manchester 18-22 Aug 2008

1st year research a way day, Leeds, 3rd Nov 2008

1st year research a way day, Leeds,3rd Nov 2008 (Poster)

ALECSO meating presentation, Damascus, 27-29 Apr 2009
CL2009 presentation, Liverpool, 20-23 Jul 2009
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