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Ken Brodlie

Ken Brodlie
Ken Brodlie is Emeritus Professor in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds . Within the School, I am a member of the Computational Science and Engineering research group. 

I began my career as a numerical analyst but in the late 1970s my work in the Computer Centre at Leicester University took me more towards computer graphics.  On joining the University of Leeds as an academic in 1987, I taught both computer graphics and numerical analysis.  My research interests then began to focus on scientific visualization and this remained my main area of research throughout the remainder of my career.  I am now very largely retired but continue to be interested in visualization. 

Research My research interests are in the theory and practice of visualization, with specific focus on:
  • Visualization systems: extending current systems to encompass collaboration, computational steering and Web and Grid technologies
  • Visualization algorithms: enhancing existing algorithms for isosurfacing and volume rendering, developing new algorithms for constrained visualization and high dimensionality
  • Visualization applications: using visualization in e-science, astronomy, biology and medicine
  • Visualization foundations: understanding errors and uncertainty in visualization, and developing visualization ontologies
Throughout my career, I worked particularly closely with NAG Ltd and was a Director of NAG for many years.  Much of our visualization research in the past was carried out as extensions to NAG's IRIS Explorer.

I am a Fellow of the Eurographics Association and was the founding chairman (in 1981) of the UK Chapter of Eurographics.
This links to my publications in the 40 year period 1973-2012


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Ken Brodlie
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