Professor Jie Xu

I am the leader for a Research Peak of Excellence at Leeds, the director of the EPSRC-funded White Rose Grid e-Science Centre (2002 - 2014) involving the three White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, and the head of the Institute for Computational and Systems Science at Leeds.

I have worked in the field of Distributed Computing Systems for over thirty years and had industrial experience in building large-scale networked computer systems. I am now leading a collaborative research team, investigating fundamental theories and models for distributed systems (e.g. the theory for fault-diagnosable and large-scale distributed systems, and the formalisation for dynamic multi-party authentication) and developing advanced Internet and Cloud technologies with a focus on complex system engineering (e.g. with Rolls-Royce and JLR), energy-efficient computing (e.g. with Google and Alibaba), dependable and secure collaboration (e.g. large-scale data processing and analysis for social science and e-healthcare applications with TPP and X-Lab Ltd), and evolving system architectures (e.g. with BAE Systems).

I was Professor of Distributed Systems at Durham before I joined the School of Computing at Leeds in 2003.

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