50 Years of computing at the University of Leeds

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1958, Lucifer: the Pegasus in the Eldon chapel
1964, Dynamic control problem being studied in the Analogue Computer Laboratory ???
6/12/1967, Computing Lab ???
Stacking KDF9 tapes Katy and Sheila Hancock
Doing important work with a KDF9 magtape Katy Hancock
1969, " ... a medical student is solving a problem with the help of a computer ..." ???
1969, The class that graduated that year in Maths and Computational Science Judith Allen (now Parkinson), Diane Lightfoot, John Parkinson, Joan Sellars, Ian Lofthouse, Alan Kitchenham,Mike Coulsen, Dave Stanton, Anne Mummery, Ian Graham, Barbara Fry (now Kitchenham), Stuart Jackson
1970, Loading a paper tape reader on the KDF9 computer Katy Hitchins (nee Hancock)
1971, The class that graduated that year David Viney, Roger Stone, Steve Taylor, Felicity Skerratt, Ying Yeung, Keith Shimman, Jennifer Allardyce, Steve Thompson, Mark Stiles, Roger Shaw (?)
1972, Part of the KDF9 Computer system ???, Peter Jowett, ???
1972, The class that graduated that year David Ball, Marilyn Batey (Felton), Ian Coope
1973, The class that graduated that year No. 12 is David Hedley.
Microprocessors teaching laboratory, year ?? ???
1973, The class that graduated 73-74, with some others ...
In a bar under the Merrion
???, ???, Sally Bruce, Alan Boodson, Ian Chisholm, Dave Ellman, Andy Herbert, Hugh Lapham, David Manley, Mick Mason, Colin McDonald, Rachel McDonald, Kelvin Richards, Pete Rogers, Mick Smith (?), Kay Stevens (nee Footman), Denis (Keith) Thompson, ???, ???
1973, A KDF9 disk drive is removed This had a capacity of 4M KDF9 words - 24MB. It used 16 data platters each approximately 3 feet in diameter. Today it is common to use old CDs and DVDs as Coffee mats. One of the engineers converted an old platter into a Coffee Table.
1974, The class that graduated that year, at the Great Hall. Back Row: Ian Chisholm, Kay Stevens, Colin McDonald, Mick Mason, John Hughes??, Hugh Lapham Front Row: Kelvin Richards, Dave Manley, Pete Rogers
1976, The class that graduated that year.
1976, The class that graduated that year.
Dave Thornton, Amrit Palmer, Alan hall, Roger Vernon, Neil Wonnacott, Harj Garnett, Dave Garnett, Steve Holden, Karen McCredie, Chris Pike
1976, The class that graduated that year.
1980, Mountain Hut Alf Pilgrim, Gordon McKenzie, Nigel Little, and Antony Helliwell
1980, Mountain Hut Dave Roberts, Nigel Little, Phil Hobley, Anthony Helliwell, Alf Pilgrim, Martin Bell, Gordon McKenzie
1980, Mountain Hut Gordon M in an (faded) ULCERS T-shirt and Anthony
1980, Leeds Carnival;
The Computer Studies float
Frances ???, Fiona ???, Judi Drew (nee Ferguson)
1982, The class that graduated that year. L to R, F to B: Tony Mccann, Denis Hutchinson, Les Proll, Tony Wren, Chris Miller, Paul Garrett, Richard Thomas, Judi,
Allan Humphreys, Tom Gough, Peter Jesty, Roger Boyle, Dave Ellman, Antony Helliwell, Alf Pilgrim,
Susan Howsam?, Dave Morris, John Smith, Heather Wynne, Linda Compton, ?, ?, Vivinne Aspinall, ?, Mike Ellis,
Derek Facey, Dave Roberts, Martin Bell, Colin Pattinson, Mark Mason(?), Jim Crammond, ?, Steve Roberts,
Nick Bond, Alex Lukoczyk, Ben Jones, Phil Hobley, Jeremy Jackson?, Rob Crampton, Steve Mallard, Rob Youngman, Juliana Brayshaw, ?

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