A Lazy Polytypic Grid Project
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A Lazy Polytypic Grid


A Lazy Polytypic Grid Project


Lazy Polytypic Functional Visualisation

This project aims to re-express well-known visualisation algorithms (e.g. volumetric surface extraction) in the functional language Haskell. We will be exploring how to make those algorithms:

  • lazy, so that the whole dataset is not required all at once;
  • datatype-generic (polytypic), so that the algorithm is independent of the original dataset storage format, including questions of irregular and unstructured sampling;
  • grid-enabled, such that it is possible to distribute the processing tasks across a heterogeneous network of machines, harnessing any implicit parallelism in the algorithms to speed up the calculation for huge datasets.

Members of this project are:

The project is a collaboration between the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group at the Universities of Leeds and the York Functional Programming Group at the University of York, and is funded by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, under the e-Science programme.