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In order to build a corpus and use it for teaching, some Arabic processing tools need to be available. These are:


  1. Part-of-Speech (PoS) Taggers
  2. Online Dictionaries
  3. Morphological Analysers
  4. Optical Character Readers (OCR)
  5. Concordancers
Arabic Taggers
Khoja's PoS Tagger
Not available for public use. But you can click here to get some information about it.
Freeman's Tagger
Not available for public use. Information can be obtained from Andy freeman.

Morph Tagger

Developed originally for Hebrew but adapted to Arabic. Click here to view a demo.

Morphological Tagging of the Qur'an

Developed at the University of Haifa. It can be accessed on this website.

Gold Standard of the Qur'an

Developed by Majdi Sawalha at the University of Leeds as part of morphochallenge2009.

Online Dictionaries
A bilingual dictionary which contains more than 500,000 words.


Online English/Arabic dictionary

Ajeeb Dictionary

Arabic, English, Turkish, French, German
Free dictionaries which can be downloaded.
Morphological Analysers

Developed by Ken Beesley and Tim Buckwalter. This system gives the morphological analyses of the words along with their English meanings. Click here to use the analyser. But remember that in order to display the analyses, it needs a Java-enabled browser.

A free software which can be downloaded from LDC website. It is used by LDC for PoS tagging of Arabic text.
Arabic Morphological System v.2007 A free program which can be downloaded from ALESCO (Arabic site). Users can input a verb root and obtain all the possible conjugations of the verb with the vowels. It is very useful for learners of Arabic.
Optical Character Readers (OCR's)
produced by Sakhr and have an accuracy of up to 99% in recognising Arabic books and newspapers. They support Arabic based characters languages and 18 other international languages.
A concordance program for Arabic, and it is developed by Andy Roberts at the University of Leeds. It runs on many operating systems including non-Arabic Windows. It has English and Arabic interface.
is a free search tool developed by Lou Bernard at the University of Oxford. It supports Unicode and so it works with any language including Arabic provided that the required fonts are installed on the system. However, it works only on Microsoft Windows platforms.

WordSmith Tools

a concordancer developed by Mike Scott at the University of Liverpool. The concordancer handles several languages including Arabic.

Software Companies

Al-Alamiah Group Founded in Kuwait in 1970. It includes nine IT companies. Among these companies are Sakhr, Al-Alamiah Electronics Co. and Harf Information Technology. Al-Alamiah Group has branches in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Soon they will open branches in Europe and the United States.
Sakhr is a division of Al-Alamiah group with marketing offices in Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It is a leading company in the development of NLP tools for Arabic. Its products include morphological analyser, diacritiser, summariser, and others.
WorldLanguage An American company established in 1992. It provides software and many other products for hundreds of languages including Arabic. One of the useful products is the availability of Arabic word processors at reasonable prices.
Babylon A company founded in 1997 and aims at providing translation and conversion software.
ATA Software

Established by leading Arabic programmers in London in 1992. It specializes in Arabic business software particularly machine translation products. Some of its products are:New Al-Wafi, Golden Al-Wafi, and Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey.


CIMOS A software company based in France and specialised in producing linguistic software for processing Arabic. Some of the products available are translators, spell and grammar checkers, morphological and grammatical analysers, dictionaries, and a program for assigning vowels automatically (Automatic diacritiser).
Lingua A UK company that sells programs and software for a large number of languages including Arabic. Among the products that are available for Arabic are Microsoft applications, educational and translation software and computer dictionaries.


More Resources:

Comprehensive links to Arabic resources collected by Douglas Oard .
A personal site which contains useful information and resources for Arabic. It is developed by Knut S.Viktor from university of Bergen.
This website is mainly useful for researchers. It contains information such as future and previous conferences, newsletter which brings the latest news on language technologies for Arabic, detailed information on publications related to Arabic processing research. The website also includes other links which deal with the Arabic language especially in the area of corpora and language technology.
This website has good links related to Arabic. Among them is a link for the Arabic language resources such as corpora, OCR's, and machine translations. The website also contains links for Arabic on-line newspapers, Arabic software, conferences and workshops, dictionaries, email lists and newsgroups, Arab researchers, learning Arabic, projects, and speech recognition. Users can add more links to it with their own comments.



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