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Qatar is my home country where I was born and grew up most of my life.  Check map of  Qatar here.


Qatar is a small peninsula bordering the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. Its economy is based mainly on oil and natural gas. The area of Qatar is approximately 11.521 sq km, and the population is about half a million. The weather is generally very hot and dry. The best time to visit the country is between November and February. It is a monarchy country in which power resides in the hand of one family and passed from generation to generation through rights of inheritance. However recently voting has been introduced and women can nominate themselves to take positions as ministers. On May 7, 2003 the country's first woman cabinet minister was appointed. This is considered to be a step towards democracy. On May 15, 2003 Qatar has launched an on-line visa service allowing 33 European countries to obtain visa online.

Not many people know Qatar or where it is, but under the leadership of our Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and his wife Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Misnad, the country has developed rapidly and became one of the important countries in the world. The recent launch of al-Jazeera TV channel had also made Qatar more well-known in the outside world and made it gain more respect from the Arab world. If you want to know more information about Qatar, you can visit these websites:

Some pictures of Qatar

Sheraton Hotel

If you want to see more pictures of Qatar click here.

News and articles about Qatar:

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