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I have collected some network resources which are useful to my work and to others who are interested in Arabic in general.

Online Magazines, newspapers and websites:


These are the sources that gave permission for their texts to be used in the corpus.



Arabic World Wide Web

A bilingual Arabic/English Jordanian website. It deals with topics such as: news, chat, games, contests, travel and others.
 A bilingual Arabic/English site established in 1995 and is based in Dubai.
A popular bilingual Arabic/English Qatari website which deals with general Arab affairs.
An excellent Saudi Arabic site which contains a huge amount of information in every field. In addition, it features many interactive pages for well-known magazines and a huge number of chat sites.
A comprehensive Kuwaiti site which has links to different sources of information including an online dictionary.
Contains short stories.
A Saudi monolingual network established in 1997. It provides information in the area of religion, medicine, business and others.


Arabic Computing Societies and Institutes of Science

Saudi Computer Society
Syrian Computer Society (SCS)
Bahrain Information Technology Society (BITS)


Other Organizations:

The American Association of Teachers of Arabic

Arabic Journals:

Its aim is to promote research in Arabic language, literature and Islamic civilization. It is produced by University of Bergen in collaboration with Charles University and University of Edinburgh.
It is an international journal which covers all aspects of the Islamic Mediterranean culture including Arabic language and literature. Its editor is Dr Dionisius Agius of Univ. of Leeds, UK.
It is produced by Utrecht University in the Netherlands and it covers a wide range of topics on Arabic.
It is published by Oxford University Press. Its main focus is research into the languages and literatures of the Modern as well as the ancient Near (Middle) East.
A well-established journal that covers a wide spectrum of disciplines among them 'linguistics'.
It covers research on language, literature, history and civilization of the Arab world. It is produced by Brill Academic Publishers.
It covers topics in both modern social sciences and traditional disciplines. It is published by Taylor & Francis, ltd.
It is established in 1954 and it covers topics on Islam and civilization.
This journal is published by the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) and is supported financially by Qatari Ministry of Education. It covers articles in the field of language pedagogy, literature and linguistics. Its editorial board and contributors are well-known authors such as Peter Abboud, Raji Rammuny, Salih Altoma and Clive Holes.
It publishes literary, critical, and historical studies.


Search Engines:

Al Bawaba

General Links

Languages on the web contains a massive number of links that relate to all languages. Arabic is one of them.

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