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Useful links and Journals

History of CALL is a website which contains detailed information about how CALL started and its progress.
EUROCALL is an association which aims to provide information and advice on every aspect for teaching languages in Europe and world-wide.
ICT4LT  is a website which contains a collection of  training modules in information and  communications technology (ICT) for language teachers.
Arabic Gateway This site contains lots of information about matters related to Arabic: e.g. Arabic courses in the Middle East and names of institutions, a list of Arabic books and dictionaries, some basic information about the Arabic language and literature and its system of representation.
Worship and Religion contains links and addresses of Islamic schools, colleges, groups, charities and organisations in the area of Greater Manchester and the Northwest region of Lancashire.
Dr Paul Brett's home page contains useful bibliography for using multimedia for teaching languages. Dr Prett's thesis is titled 'The design, implementation and evaluation of a multimedia application for second language listening comprehension' .
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is an international journal, print.
The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) is an organisation that serve its members in education and technology. It produces the CALICO journal which is focussed on issues related to learning languages.
Language Learning & Technology (LLT) is a journal for second and foreign language educators. It is freely accessible online.
Compter-Assisted Language Learning is a collection of links to websites useful to teachers who are specialized in the field of CALL.
International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL)  can only be accessed by subscription.


Companies specialized in producing language courses on CD-ROM's and online:

Transparent Language specializes in developing Microsoft products for learning languages such as translators, dictionaries and language courses. One of their recent products is Language Now! for European languages in addition to Arabic.
Linguaphone is a leading supplier of self-study language courses. The company produced over 100 courses for learning languages including Arabic.
Unforgettable Languages Based in the USA and specialized in designing language courses through the use of Linkword Method. The courses are suitable for 5th grade and adults. There are courses available for 12 different languages. Courses are available on CD-ROM's.
Pearlink Software Specialized in educational programs. Some of the services it offers is software development and projects design.
Rosetta Stone offers multimedia language courses on CD and online. It has been estimated that 4 million students are using them for learning a foreign language.
Pimsleur Developed a wide range of languages: European, Far Eastern and Semitic. There are two Arabic courses: Eastern Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. Both are audio courses.
Eurotalk Interactive is a leading company in production of language software. It produced so far two multimedia courses for Arabic: Talk Now! Arabic (Egyptian + MSA) for beginners, World Talk for the intermediate level and Vocabulary Builder for children.
SMiles Production is a computer software developer which has produced some interactive language courses for Hebrew, Persian and Arabic. Their Arabic course is called Arabic Made Easy.
Tell Me More Language Software is one of the leading language software in Europe. Its multimedia courses are used by schools and universities and they contain video, sound, and speech recognition. So far it developed 9 languages among them is Arabic.
LearnPlus is based in the UK and Wales and had produced so far two online multimedia courses: for Spanish and German. Their method focuses on practise and feedback. You can see a review of the German course here .


The Arabic Language

Useful books
UCLA language materials project An excellent source for finding what has been written on the Arabic language.
Free Arabic courses on line
Babel Learn to read Arabic
Apprendre l'arabe Madineh Arabic
Shariah Program  
Distance Learning
Modern Standard Classical Arabic Courses This course is produced by Middle East International Services in Washington, USA. It is an online intensive course aimed at intermediate and advanced foreign learners. It consists of three courses: (a) Standard Classical Arabic Course which focuses on grammar, exercises and daily interactions, (b) Standard Classical Lexical Course, which gives a comprehensive application of what has been learned in the first course, (c) Advanced Standard Classical Arabic Reader. It contains 36 texts with sound tracks and exercises.
Arab Academy This website offers courses for beginners and intermediate levels teaching Modern Standard Arabic. It also offers a beginner course for teaching the Egyptian dialect.
Arabic 2000.Com This site offers an online course of Modern Standard Arabic for beginners and intermediate levels. 


Arabic Multimedia Courses on CD-ROM's

The Arabic Tutor (vs 2.1x) This course is produced by Al-Quds Compu-Tech in the USA and Arabic 2000.Com. It works with any Microsoft Window operating system, and it is for complete beginners. It teaches Modern Standard Arabic. It introduces learners to the the alphabet and it gives practice of how to join the letters. It also gives practice for reading texts either word by word or in phrases.
 Arabic Deluxe  This course is produced by Logoi.com.
Arabic Sounds and Pictures This course is produced by Aramedia and designed to suit children and adults. It is an interactive course, full of animation, quizzes, sounds and pictures.
My Arabic Teacher (Mualimi) This is a comprehensive interactive multimedia Standard Arabic language course for all level. It is developed by Pearlink Software. It is suitable for non-natives speakers as well as native speakers of Arabic. It contains elementary and intermediate levels and It teaches reading, writing, grammar and conversation. In addition to Arabic, the course contains other subjects such as geography, math, culture and history. It contains lots of quizzes and games. 
Arabic Level I/ Arabic Level II Developed by Rosetta Stone . Level I contains 92 lessons and it covers listening comprehension, reading and speaking. It also focuses on teaching grammar and vocabulary in a natural way without drills or lists. Level II contains 118 lessons and it has over 4500 real-life images and QuickTime movies and phrases. Every lesson is accompanied by exercises and tests. 
Learn Arabic Now! V9.0 Deluxe This course is developed by Transparent Language. It teaches Modern Standard Arabic. Learners can record their speech and replay it to compare it with that of the native speaker. It contains some survival phrases and many interactive activities.
Arabic in Action Developed by Linguaphone for teaching Modern Standard Arabic. It contains lots of features such as record, playback and compare facility, grammar, word and root search, conversation practice and interactive games. Ideal for intermediate and advance levels. 
Talk Now - Arabic This course is developed by the leading company Eurotalk Interactive . It is an interactive course designed for beginners and includes games, quizzes and covers general topics such as shopping, time, color..etc. It also includes the facility of comparing pronunciation with a native speaker. There are two versions, one for Egyptian Arabic and another for Modern Standard Arabic.
World Talk This is an intermediate course developed by Eurotalk Interactive . It contains interactive quizzes and designed as a continuation of Talk Now! Arabic. 
Arabic Made Easy is an interactive course developed by SMiles Production. The course covers two dialects: the Egyptian dialect and the Iraqi dialect. It covers the alphabet, reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. (Cost: $45.99). It is for beginner, intermediate to advanced.
Tell Me More Arabic is a course developed by Tell Me More Language Software. It is an interactive course aimed at four levels: complete beginner, beginner, intermediate, Advanced. It teaches MSA in addition to introduction to some Arabic dialects such as Egyptian, Yemeni, Algerian, and Moroccan. It uses speech recognition technology. It also covers grammar and culture and contains many oral and written activities. 
Tareq is a multimedia course which incorporates 3-D animation and audio-visual technology.
Learn Arabic Level I This course is produced by Aramedia. It contains 8 lessons covering the alphabet and some interactive exercises and information of basic grammar. There are also 4 higher levels available. 


Studying Arabic Abroad

Commercial Language Training It is based in the UK and offers courses on-line, abroad or locally in the Peak District. They offer intensive or weekly courses in over 20 languages including Arabic. The courses deal with business, finance and technology.
Pacific Arabic Resources A site which is useful for learners of Arabic as it offers courses in San Francisco and Fez, Morocco. It is also useful for other services such as translation.
Language Study Abroad Opportunities: Arabic A site which contains a list of a big number of institutions for teaching Arabic all over the world, e.g. Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, UAE, the Red Sea, Jordan, America, and many other countries.

Universities which offer Arabic courses in the UK and worldwide:

School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas),UK University of Washington
The University of Leuven, Belgium University of Pennsylvania
University of Leeds Universities in the Arab World
University of Nijmegen, Holland Harvard University Summer School
University of Cambridge University of Michigan
University of Oxford Indiana University
New York University  
University of Durham University of Exeter


Islamic Schools in the UK

Al-Jamiah Al-Islamiyyah Located in Greater Manchester.
Jamea Al-Kauthar Located in Lancaster.
Al-Muntada Islamic School Located in London.
London Islamic School (Madrasah) Teaches Arabic and Islamic studies in addition to other subjects.
Manchester Islamic High School for Girls  
Darul Uloom High School Located in Birmingham
Al-Ahliah School of Arabic Founded in 1987 in London.
Islamia School Located in London and founded by Yusuf Islam.



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