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  David Duke

Welcome. I am the Head of the School of Computing, University of Leeds, and a Professor in the Computational Science and Engineering Theme.

My work and research interests lie in two main areas, (i) parallel visualization systems, and (ii) topological analysis of scientific data, where I am working with my colleague Hamish Carr. The underlying theme is scale - better tools for building visualization applications, better abstractions for understanding massive/complex datasets, and better technologies for exploiting parallelism. Work within my team currently builds on the following technologies:

Our work with VTK and VisIt is focussed on tools for the "Joint Contour Net", an emerging approach to topological and combinatorial analysis of multifield data. Haskell interests include demand-driven computations for scientific datasets, parallel Haskell for computational topology, and using visualization techniques to understand the performance of parallel Haskell programs.

In the past I have worked in formal methods, multimedia systems, graphics standards, HCI, and reasoning about cognitive systems. A long-standing ambition is to link artistic style and representation, to find a way of generating minimal graphics that draw on users' schematic knowledge.

Professionally, I am a member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, and a Fellow of the Eurographics Association.

Find my publications on Google Scholar or Research Gate.

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