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  David Duke

Welcome. I am the Head of the School of Computing, University of Leeds, and Professor of Computer Science in the Computational Science and Engineering Theme.

My work and research interests lie in two main areas, (i) high performance graphics, with applications from visualization to games, and (ii) parallel programming and language technologies. Work within my team uses the following technologies:

Recent work in graphics and visualization has focussed on tools for geometric and topological analysis, including the "Joint Contour Net", an approach to the analysis of multifield data. My interests in functional programming include Haskell as a platform for high-performance graphics and visualization, and using visualization to understand the performance of parallel Haskell programs. These interests necessarily extend to work with the GHC compiler and runtime system.

In the past I have worked in formal methods, multimedia systems, graphics standards, HCI, VR design, and reasoning about cognitive systems.

Professionally, I am a Fellow of the Eurographics Association, and a member of the ACM, the IEEE, and IEEE Computer Society.

Find my publications on Google Scholar or Research Gate.

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