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The Computational PDEs Unit

The Computational PDEs Unit is a research and consultancy unit within the Scientific Computation Research Group, School of Computing, University of Leeds, providing PDE (Partial Differential Equation) problem solving expertise and software to industry and to academic research groups. Established in 1996, it builds on over a decade of research in the area of computational PDEs within the School, much of this in collaboration with Shell Global Solutions at Thornton. A portfolio of CPDE Unit projects can be downloaded here.

As a result of this work the Unit has an extensive and evolving library of multi-purpose PDE software tools, driven by real industrial problem solving needs. The emphasis has always been on reliability -- the measure of confidence the user can place in the numerical results. This flexible software library makes possible integrated modelling solutions tailored to end users' needs and delivered with the shortest possible lead times. With dedicated consultancy staff, the Unit constitutes a more focused, responsive and professional environment for these activities than can generally be achieved in a more traditional academic setting.

One of the key application areas is fluid flow, particularly involving chemical reactions, including e.g. atmospheric chemistry, hydraulics, combustion, multiphase flow, lubrication. As well as substantial consultancy work for Shell Global Solutions in a range of application areas, we are involved in a number of interdisciplinary academic research projects.

The University of Leeds is one of the top ten research universities in the UK, and the Unit has strong links with a number of its Interdisciplinary Research Centres, e.g. the Keyworth Institute of Manufacturing and Information Systems Engineering, and the Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics. As such the Unit is ideally placed to offer complete solutions to industrial problem solving needs -- from mathematical modelling through to visualisation, design optimisation and virtual reality systems.

The Unit is non-commercial and can therefore offer highly cost-effective consultancy services. All aspects of Research and Development work can be considered, with price being dependent upon the length of the project and its potential for research output. In many cases assistance with funding may be available from UK Research Council or EC programmes.

We are always seeking new partnerships - industrial or academic. If you would like to discuss any ideas we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Dr. Mark Walkley,
CPDE Unit Manager
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CPDE Unit portfolio

EHL rough surface
EHL rough surface
Rough EHL
EHL temperature
Thermal EHL
3D jet
3D adaptive meshing
Harbour velocity
Harbour mesh
Harbour flow
Engine knock
Engine knock
Engine knock
Atmospheric dispersion
Atmospheric dispersion