Group Leader

Dr. Netta Cohen


Dr. Robert Holbrook

Grad students

Tom Sanders
Elpiniki Kalogeropoulou
Christopher Brittin

interns (past and present)

David Sale
Joseph Shaw
Michael Smith
Sam Smith
Amelia Waddingon


Prof. Ian A. Hope
Dr. Abbas Dehghani

Former members

Dr. Peter Appleby
Dr. Stefano Berri
Jordan H. Boyle
Dr. John Bryden

Dr. Behrooz Esmaeli
Dr. Yiannis Gatsoulis
Dr. Bao Kha Nguyen
David Williamson


The C. elegans group is part of the Applied Computing in Biology, Medicine and Health research theme at the School of Computing in Leeds. We are interested in understanding C. elegans neural control and motor behaviour. We follow an integrated approach that includes modeling, experiments with the real worm as well as with robots inspired by it.


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NeurML 2 Code: Download

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Posters and conference talks

24-28 June 2009. XXVII International C. elegans meeting Selected for presentation titled: "An integrated model of C. elegans locomotion: from swimming to crawling".

24-28 June 2009. XXVII International C. elegans meeting Poster titled: "Agar groove masks locomotion related phenotypes." Download pdf (235 KB)