Integrative Biology

3-d MRI Viewing on High Resolution Displays

As part of the Integrative Biology project I have been involved in developing an application for 3-d visualisation of MRI data stacks. This application has been tailored for the use of the high resolution displays in the School.

The MRI data itself comes from the Oxford University Physiology group of Dr Peter Kohl. This data comes from a high resolution MRI machine (11.7T). This gives structure resolution down to 30 micrometres .

The visualisation is done by isosurfacing the segmented MRI stack, to distinguish between tissue and void. These surfaces are then smoothed for a visually appealing and structurally believable structures. A flythrough the rabbit heart is shown in the following annotated Flash movie (11Mb).

In order to apply this software across our 28-LCD panel (7-machine) powerwall we have used the VRJuggler environment.

Example photo of 3-d heart viewer on the powerwall

This work won the vizNET Showcase 2008 award. It has also been featured in an article on the BBC news website and an associated movie, as well as featuring in a NAG news story.