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Workshop on



Tuesday 23rd September 2003

Held in conjunction with:
    Conference on Spatial Information Theory
    24-28 September,  Ittingen, Switzerland

There is currently  much interest in the development  of Ontologies to support  a  wide variety  of  tasks including  knowledge reuse,  data integration,  knowledge acquisition,  knowledge  management, web-based services and many other information applications.

The  spatial  and  geographic   domains  involve  a  rich  and  highly interdependent conceptual structure.  Some kind of ontology specifying the  meanings  and  logical  connections  between  these  concepts  is
essential to supporting: a) applications which can access this data in a  flexible  way;  and  b)  sharing  of  spatial  information  between applications.   However,  spatial   and  geographic  concepts  present particularly accute problems for ontology construction.  They stand in highly complex  relationships to  underlying physical reality  and are often  associated with  deep ontological  issues such  as  problems of
vagueness and identity through time.

The workshop  will focus  on those aspects  of spatial  and geographic information where the nature of the domain has a fundamental impact on ontology construction.   It will provide  a forum for  presentation of new work in the following and related areas:

We invite interested parties to submit either position papers (1-2 pages) or full research papers (up to 12 pages) on any topic related to the above areas.

Papers should be submitted by email in PDF format to
  Brandon Bennett <>
  Pierre Grenon  <>

The submission deadline for research papers is 1/8/03
Authors will be notified of acceptance on 15/8/03

Delegates, Position Statements and Research Papers

Full details of the currently confirmed workshop participants can be found here, together with position statements and research paper contributions.

You may also be interested to read the report (PDF) of the OS sponsored workshop on Geo-Ontology that was held in Ilkley in September 2002.

Workshop Schedule

A provisional schedule can be found here.

Further Information

If you are interested in attending but have not yet submitted a paper or position statement, please send a short description of your interests asap.

For enquiries about accommodation and other aspects of the conference please contact Sabine Timpf (

A small registration fee in the region of 50 CHF will be charged on site to cover the cost of room hire.