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FOIS 2006: Accepted Submissions

A Blueprint for a Calculator of Intensions
  Alik Pelman
A Dynamic Theory of Ontology
  John Sowa
A Theory of Granular Parthood Based on Qualitative Cardinality and Size Measures
  Thomas Bittner and Maureen Donnelly
Against Idiosyncrasy in Ontology Development
  Barry Smith
An Algebra for Ontologies
  Saket Kaushik, Duminda Wijesekera and Paul Ammann
Approximation of Ontologies in CASL
  Klaus Lüttich
Behaviour of a Technical Device: An Ontological Perspective in Engineering
  Stefano Borgo, Massimiliano Carrara, Pieter Vermaas and Pawel Garbacz
Distinctions Produce a Taxonomic Lattice: Are these the units of mentalese?
  Andrew U. Frank
Formalizing Ontology Alignment and its Operations with Category Theory
  Antoine Zimmermann, Markus Krötzsch, Jérôme Euzenat and Pascal Hitzler
From GENIA to BioTop -- Towards a top-level ontology for biology
  Stefan Schulz, Elena Beisswanger, Udo Hahn, Joachim Wermter, Holger Stenzhorn and Anand Kumar
Linking FrameNet to the SUMO Ontology
  Jan Scheffczyk, Adam Pease and Michael Ellsworth
Linking the Gene Ontology with Social Ontology
  David Koepsell
Modular Ontology Design Using Canonical Building Blocks in the Biochemistry Domain
  Christopher J. Thomas, William S. York and Amit P. Sheth
Nontological Engineering
  Waclaw Kusnierczyk
OntOWLClean: OntoCleaning OWL ontologies with OWL
  Chris Welty
Perdurantist Ontology for Binary Fluents in OWL
  Chris Welty and Richard Fikes
PR-OWL: A Framework for Probabilistic Ontologies
  Paulo Costa and Kathryn Laskey
Principles for the Development of Upper Ontologies in Higher-level Information Fusion Applications
  Eric Little and Lowell Vizenor
Qualities in Possible Worlds
  Stefano Borgo and Claudio Masolo
Simultaneous Events and the "Once-Only" Effect
  Haythem Ismail
Spatial Dimensionality as a Classification Criterion for Qualities
  Florian Probst and Martin Espeter
Temporal Qualification and Change with First-Order Binary Predicates
  Pierre Grenon
The Instrumental Stit: A Study of Action and Instrument
  Pawel Garbacz
The Radiological Image as Spatial Region: Location and Adjacency of Image Entities
  James M. Fielding and Dirk Marwede
Towards A Realism-Based Metric for Quality Assurance in Ontology Matching
  Werner Ceusters and Barry Smith
Towards an Ontology of Agency and Action: From STIT to OntoSTIT+
  Nicolas Troquard, Robert Trypuz and Laure Vieu
Towards Foundational Semantics -- Ontological Semantics Revisited --
  Philipp Cimiano and Uwe Reyle
Using Selectional Restrictions to Query an OWL Ontology
  Leila Kosseim, Reda Siblini, Christopher Baker and Sabine Bergler
What is a Biological Function?
  Patricia Diaz

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