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I am a Senior Lecturer and Director of Student Education in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds.

My research interests are in the areas of: and am affliated to both the Artificial Intelligence and Applied Compuitng in Biology Medicine and Health research themes in the school.

You can find more details about the Research Themes, the School of Computing and the University by following the links below.

Current Research Projects


I am currently a Collaborator in WELMEC, the Leeds Centre of Excellence in Medical Enigneering. I am responsible for the School's involvment in the project to develop image analysis, registration and visulization techniques for data from different imaging modailties used in medical engineering including analysis of and registration of histology images from engineered tissues.

Cell imaging

I am involved in two projects developing techniques for Cell Imaging.
Nicci Kerrison is my Phd student looking at the charaterisation of cells in DIC images, funded by the MRC.
I have recently been awarded an MRC grant with Michelle Peckham(PI) to develop new super resolution imaging system at Leeds.

Previous Research Projects

Development of Virtual Environments for Medical Training

We have been awarded by both DoH and EPSRC to develop Virtual Environments for Training in Interventional Radiology. The grants were in collaboration with the CRaiVE consortium.

Physics-based virtual environment for training in vascular interventional radiological procedures

Yi Song, Ken Brodlie, Andy Bulpitt and David Kessel

The aim of this project was to develop and validate a computer generated virtual environment (VE) with variable virtual anatomy, in which the appearance, 'feel' and human factors of invasive radiological procedures (interventional radiology, IR) in patients can be reproduced and assessed. The final product simulates needle puncture as well as guidewire and catheter insertion and manipulation, and is based on a task analysis of interventional procedures. As pat fo the projectwe developed methods of semi-automatically processing medical imaging data to create a variable range of 3D geometry of anatomy.

Further details can be found

This project started in November 2006 and is being funded by the EPSRC.

Collaborators: University of Liverpool, University of Hull, University of Wales Bangor, University of Leeds, Imperial College London, Manchester Business School.

Development and Validation of a Virtual Reality Simulator for Training in Interventional Radiological Visceral Needle Puncture Procedures

Richard Holbrey, Ken Brodlie, Andy Bulpitt and David Kessel

This project developed and evaluted a virtual reality (VR) simulator for training visceral interventional radiology (IR) needle puncture procedures which uses medical imaging and touch to guide biopsy needles.

Further details can be found

This project started in November 2006 and is being funded by the Department of Health under the Health Technology Devices (HTD) Programme.

Collaborators: Medic Vision, University of Liverpool, University of Hull, University of Wales Bangor, University of Leeds, Imperial College London, Manchester Business School.


Protein function prediction and classification using uncertainty

Chris Needham,James Bradford, Andy Bulpitt and David Westhead

The overall aim of this project was to investigate the use of Bayesian networks to integrate information, express relationships and make inferences or predictions on biological problems, motivated by data generation in genomics and proteomics. The project also devleoped a machine learning techniques to learn the structure of gene regularoty networks from gene expression data.

Further details can be found

Basic active and ligand binding surface matching through image comparison

Steven Pickering, Andy Bulpitt & David Westhead

This project investigated the use of surface properties of proteins to predict function. The algorithm uses local measures of surface geometry and electro- chemical characteristics at the active sites of proteins to identify similar structures in PDB databases and hence proteins with potentially similar function.

Further details can be found at

Automated Generation of 3D Anatomical Models: Training and Decision Making in Keyhole Vascular Intervention

Andrew Bulpitt, Elizabeth Berry, Roger Boyle, Julian Scott, David Kessel

This research developed a segmentation and measurement tool to support pre-procedure assessment and training for the endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA).


I have taught modules in many different areas of Computing at both UG and PG levels

Undergraduate Modules

Mathematics for Computing; Programming (Python, Java); Models and Simulation; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Vision
I am currently teachning Core Programing (Python) for Level 1 students and next session will be teaching Networking and IT Management

Postgraduate Modules

Perceptual Systems; Techniques for Knowledge Management

Administrative Duties

I am currently Director of Student Education in the School and am resonsible for the managment of teaching in the School. I have previously been Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies,and admissions tutor for the MSc courses run by the School.

The School of Computing currently offers four MSc courses:
MSc Advanced Computer Science
MSc Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing)
MSc Advanced Computer Science (Intelligent Systems)
MSc Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)

From 2014 their will also be MSc Mobile Computing and Communication Networks
Further Detials on all MSc courses can be found here.


A list of recent publications can be found here
A full list is also available here

Contact Details

tel:               +44 (0)113 343 6816
fax:              +44 (0)113 343 5468
room:          9.10l E C Stoner Building
address:     School of Computing, The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT