Realising Network Enabled Capability

October 13-14 2008

Leeds, UK


Network Enabled Capability (NEC) is at the heart of defence transformation for the UK and many other nations. Its realisation demands the armed forces work in new ways, and that government and industry adopt new approaches to the design, acquisition, and management of the systems that support military capability. This conference will focus on the systems engineering and ‘systems of systems engineering’ that is crucial to NEC success.


Realising Network Enabled Capability (RNEC’08)

The achievement of NEC is the highest priority for the Advice to Capability Management research output, as well as being a strategic research priority for MOD, requiring a coherent programme of studies together with consistent assumptions on the capability offered by enablers and the potential of NEC.

Network Enabled Capability – An Introduction (MoD, version 1.1, April 2004)

We have now reached a crossroads. We are seeing a shift away from platform oriented programmes towards a capability-based approach, with corresponding implications for the demand required of the traditional defence industrial base.

Defence Industrial Strategy, 2005 (Paragraph A1.4)